I can’t believe we are already 5 months into the new year! Wow! Summer will be here before we know it. But for now we get to enjoy beautiful Spring weather!  

Here are some great garden-inspired diffuser blends recipes to help you make the gorgeous spring season the best it can be!


Since we will be spending more time outside - tending to gardens, visiting with friends, or just relaxing in the sun, make sure you utilize your oils this season and whip up some easy recipes like these! 



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And Young Living for Pets & Animals on Wednesday, May 19 

Did you know you can support both your human family as well as your beloved pet family with Young Living essential oils? There are several Young Living oils and products your pets can use. There’s actually an entire line of products dedicated to them! Let’s take a look… 

  • Mendwell - soothes and moisturizes sensitive, distressed skin; aids in healing minor scrapes and scratches and has a pleasingly natural, earthy aroma.
  • Infect Away - helps clean wounds and soothes irritation; supports your pets with the beneficial properties of Myrrh and Dorado Azul essential oils.
  • PuriClean - helps cleanse minor scrapes and scratches; comforts irritations; features the skin-improvement properties of Patchouli and Mountain Savory.
  • ParaGize - contains a relaxing, quieting blend that can be applied to your pet’s abdomen; helps release feelings of discomfort with its comforting aroma
  • T-Away - helps alleviate pets’ nervousness and supports feelings of comfort; can be applied topically or diffused to promote a balanced environment for your pets during times of tension.
  • Animal Scents Ointment - a rich, intensely hydrating salve that seals moisture into skin, replenishes skin’s moisture barrier, and absorbs smoothly; made with naturally derived ingredients
  • Animal Scents Shampoo - plant-based, deodorizing shampoo that gently cleans, moisturizes, conditions, and softens without stripping natural skin and coat oils; it also soothes dry, irritated, itchy, or rough skin and balances skin pH.

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Here's to a beautiful May and staying healthy!
Your Friends at the Oiler Room! 


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