Everyone’s favorite superfruit drink just got more super!
We all know our NingXia Red® superfruit drink is a delicious way to kick off your day. However, we’ve established through new data just how powerful this beverage truly is!

A recent clinical trial that tested the effects of NingXia Red beverage was performed. This randomized and controlled study was conducted in the U.S. and involved 160 healthy adults ages 18–70. Some of the key findings from the study found that daily consumption of one serving of NingXia Red beverage over the course of two months:
  • Significantly increased physical energy levels by 34.5 percent and reduced physical limitations by 36 percent
  • Improved sleep patterns and increased time asleep by an average of 21 minutes following 60 days of continued use
  • Significantly reduced daily stress by 23 percent and improve mental well-being

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Here is a link to an E Book to learn more about Ningxia Red

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