Hi friends,

I wouldn't normally write again so soon, however, I am so excited for an event that is happening beginning on Friday! 

In our Facebook Education page,  The Oiler Room, we are having Christmas in July! What does that mean?!?  Well, it means we will be giving away daily prizes that will help YOU with your oiling lifestyle! Every day we will be giving away a prize, for the next 12 days! The prizes are amazing and we will even be giving away two new convention products! Make sure you check it out!

If you are not part of our Facebook education group, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1178770258862666/  It is a really great place to learn more about Young Living Products and as always you can ask questions there as well.

Ok, now, let me share with you a few tips about essential oils with you.

Did you know that you can add a rollerball top to your essential oil bottle to turn it into a roller bottle?  Isn't that awesome!   It's a great way to give new life to your empty or almost empty essential oil bottles. There is one that comes in your kit, but you can also buy them from Young Living. They are called Fitments.

Are you lucky enough to have some beautiful flowers from your yard or the farmer's market?  Add a couple drops of tea tree essential oil  to the water in the vase to keep cut flowers looking great and lengthen their life. 

Among other things, vetiver is great for lessening anxious feelings, improving sleep, easing muscle and joint pain, and healing scars.  But as helpful as vetiver is, it's so thick that it's difficult to get out of the bottle.  Here are a few ways to get thicker viscosity essential oils from their bottles: 

  • Warm the bottle up in your hands for a couple minutes.  Your body heat will make the essential oil thinner and it will come out of the bottle more easily.
  • Switch the cap to a dropper style cap. With a dropper, the essential oil comes out easy peasy! If you want to know where I get mine, shoot me an email and I will send you the link
Next week we will be off to the International Grand Convention. We will be sharing some of the things we learn as we go next week, but we will also post on the 23rd about all the new product releases. It will all be in the Oiler Room! 

I hope to see you there!

Jess Morrison
(303) 880-3616


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